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Ozone therapy combines ozone and oxygen and it has been widely used in Europe for more than 50 years. It is ideal for the treatment of inflammation – even when resulting from viral conditions. Additionally, it strengthens the health system of cancer sufferers, treats venous insufficiency in the circulatory system, aids wound healing in cases where it may otherwise not be easy – for example in diabetics suffering from atonic leg ulcers,  as well as boosting the immune system, especially in  athletes and patients with chronic conditions. Ozone, which is a substance found in abundance in nature, provides a revolutionary treatment for both your skin and health.

Ozone- oxygen treatments supply the body with life-giving oxygen. These therapies include ozone treatment and hydrogen hyper oxide treatment (which is transformed into ozone when in the body). They are both used as an alternative treatment for various conditions. Ozone (O3), a more chemically active form of oxygen, is a powerful germicide that neutralizes bacteria, fungi and viruses. Since ozone can effectively eliminate bacteria and toxic industrial substances, it is used by the authorities of over 3,000 cities in Europe, even for the purification of drinking water. In addition, as it is a non-toxic alternative it can be utilized for therapeutic purposes when used in predetermined ozone-oxygen dosages administered by specialized equipment from Milan, Italy in our Practice.

What is Ozone?

Ozone is an allotropic form of oxygen and it is widely known for the important role it plays in the ecological balance of the earth. It manages to absorb the majority of the harmful UV radiation that comes from the sun, preventing it from reaching the surface of the earth and harming people.

Therapeutic Ozone

Ozone has been widely used since the beginning of the 20th century for therapeutic purposes. In medicine it is used as an ozone- oxygen (O2/O3) blend referred to as medical ozone. Thanks to its antiseptic properties, when administered properly ozone guarantees safe use without any toxicity, pharmaceutical interactions or allergic reactions.

When administered in the right doses (1-40 mg/ml O2) ozone has no side-effects, because antioxidant protection mechanisms of the body are triggered. In addition, after use, enzymes that help neutralize free radicals are triggered. This results in the immediate improvement of the recovery mechanisms of the body cells that neutralize the possible creation of reactive molecules. Therefore, the basic rule of ozone treatment is that the administered dose should not overpower the ability that the antioxidant enzymes and glutathione have to prevent the accumulation of the O2 anion and the hydrogen hyper- oxide.

The form of Ozone treatment differs according to the condition, as follows:

  1. Large and small autotransfusions (in bags used for blood donation ozone is added to a patient’s blood and after blending it becomes enriched with growth factors and it is then returned to the patient’s body. It is a very popular method and is used for revitalization by the Queen of the UK and F1 driver Ruben Barrichello.)
  2. Administered intramuscularly through injection to treat disc hernia- lumbago or with hypodermic application, to treat cellulitis, wrinkles and muscle strains (in conjunction with local anaesthetic or homeopathy medicine)
  3. Local application with sacs or bell bags to treat severe skin ulcers that cannot heal with traditional methods (diabetic wounds)

Ozone treatment is considered totally safe! There is no such a thing as a toxic overdose. The only side effect is that a patient may experience mild dizziness.

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