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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

The most common form of peripheral neuropathy is caused by pressure on the median nerve of the carpal tunnel. The patient feels pain, numbness and paraesthesia in the middle finger, the pointer finger and the thumb.

The symptoms are rather intense during the night.

The diagnosis of the syndrome is made after clinical testing.

The surgical operation for the decompression of the nerve is performed with local anaesthesia in an organised practice or clinic.

Recovery, return to work as well as social obligations is quick.

Apart from general information, one needs to know that there are individual requirements for each operation that are adapted to every individual’s particular needs.

Patients need to meet their personal orthopaedic surgeon in person in order to answer any questions or queries and determine further details as well as the operation plan.

Further Information

Duration of operation: Approximately 30 minutes to 2 hours.

Time spent in Hospital: Just a few hours

Recommended anaesthesia: Local anaesthesia

Usual age of patient: Any age

Is carpal tunnel syndrome easy to fight? Are you suffering from pain, numbness and weakness of your hand and wish to undergo a plastic corrective operation? The surgeon will look into the possibility of proceeding with a surgical operation to deal with carpal tunnel syndrome, which is a surgical treatment for a successful confrontation of such problem. Get information from your doctor on the risks posed by having a cosmetic operation for the condition of the carpal tunnel, as well as the cost of this sort of surgical procedure.

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