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Description of services and products

  • We are able to provide our patients with various orthopaedic conditions with services of a high standard, starting with the accurate diagnosis and followed by preventive, arthroscopic or surgical solutions to the problem. When necessary, proper monitoring and guidance will be offered for the correct rehabilitation procedure and the quick return of the patient to normal day to day activities.
  • We are able to manage various orthopaedic conditions and provide our patients with an accurate diagnosis and treat them with modern scientific methods. The entire range of orthopaedic conditions is treated with seriousness, professionalism and respect to the patient’s individuality.

What is arthroscopy?

Arthroscopy is the form of operation during which the orthopaedic Surgeon, with the help of a specialized camera 3-5 mm in diameter and dedicated equipment, can look inside a joint. With arthroscopy the surgeon is able to confirm, diagnose and heal intra joint problems. The most common joints that arthroscopy is performed on are the knee, the shoulder and less commonly the ankle, hip, elbow, wrist or the spine.

What exactly does this operation entail?

During arthroscopy the internal structure of the joint is lit by a source of cold light and the image taken by the arthroscopic camera is then magnified and projected on a monitor, which the surgeon uses as guidance to perform the operation. Then a specialized pump injects a saline solution into the joint in order to expand it so the operation can be performed more easily and accurately.

How can an arthroscopy be beneficial?

With an arthroscopy a surgeon can more accurately inspect the integrity of the anatomy of a joint and determine the presence of a condition or a wound. During an arthroscopy the orthopaedic surgeon uses special techniques to operate with very fine dedicated surgical instruments to fix the problems that have been diagnosed by modern medical imaging methods (MRI or CAT scans).

What are the advantages of arthroscopy?

Arthroscopy is performed through only small incisions on the skin and the relevant surgical wounds on the tissue are minimal. This results in minimal post-surgical pain comparing to open wound surgery. where big incisions are used. In addition, recovery is much quicker and there is no unnecessary scaring on the skin. After most arthroscopic surgeries the patient is able to return home within a few hours.

An arthroscopy offers the surgeon an improved view within the joint compared to traditional open wound surgery. In addition, the surgeon has the ability to inspect all parts of the joint quickly, accurately and without any harm. Most open wound surgeries can be performed with arthroscopy instead, whereas the opposite is not possible. The success of arthroscopy is very high and combines safety and optimal results.

When can I return to normal day to day activities after an arthroscopy?

Many patients are able to return to work within a few days, whereas athletes are able to return to normal sports activity within a few weeks. The period until full recovery is determined by the nature of the condition and the type of operation performed. The recovery time also depends on the endogenous capability of the body to heal tissue. It is possible for patients with the same condition to have varying recovery periods after arthroscopy.

Is arthroscopy dangerous?

No surgical operation is risk free. However, the dangers and complications of arthroscopy are very limited. Problems can occur due to anaesthesia, improper use of surgical equipment, failure of materials used or when bacteria enter the join through the wound. These symptoms can appear during or after the operation. In practice though all these problems can be dealt with fully after timely diagnosis and the appropriate treatment.

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